New Energies

A whole new world is being built on a whole new foundation, with new energies, new knowledge, far beyond all the written belief systems we have lived by and to which, we are still trying to adapt. Most of the old ways are not adaptable, which means that they are not at all helpful for change. Landmarks have disappeared and no one knows for sure where we are going.

The laws, rules and frameworks that used to be in place, were essential for the “child people”, but now there is an opportunity for the masses as well to grow up. With or without us, a paradigm shift, a dimension shift, a coming of age is taking place.

In recent years, most people have/had to face a big “entry karma” that helped them to understand, to see, to wake up. Until this awakening occurred, the extent of this burden may have been beyond unbearable, leading to illness, mental breakdown, significant deterioration in quality of life, rapid death. Everyone could choose the new of their own free will. Those who did not, were left to wait in a parking lane, with the old system for the rest of their lives, with little chance of progress.

The split into two camps completely transforms our environment and who we surround ourselves with in the future. This also applies to close family relationships. We can become completely disconnected from our own blood family, our couple, which is a tough test for many. We may change jobs, where we live, the country we live in.

The way I see it, the choice of the easy or the hard path will have been made for everyone by October 2023.

Teachers and Guides who have not been living in a physical body, who have been on the astral plane, have tried to contact us to warn us, we are making the choice now about which camp we want to belong to in the future. It took us long, long years to hear the warning. In recent years our values have been tested. Those who have not seen beyond the limits of body and matter have failed. But those who have blindly believed in an intellectual, spiritual path without experience also belong here.

Regardless of which camp we have chosen, in the future, the only energies that will come into contact with us, will be those that we give way to. Every thought is tuned to a certain quality, a resonance. This frequency channel opens up and attracts the like. From there it is simple: we choose the frequency and quality of life we want to live in, with our thoughts.

By observing my thoughts, I can see that I was my own barrier. I have always created my own limits to the infinite love and flow of knowledge with my low frequency thoughts, limited belief system, and conditioning.

Usually people are better at complaining and saying what they don’t want, rather than finally saying what they do want. Complaining has a very low vibration.

During my nearly 2 and a half year retreat in Patagonia, I made contact with Teaching Guides who were non-physical beings with very high levels of knowledge and love. I created a chart with hundreds of words so that they could communicate information by pointing to them through a pendulum. Their first teaching was that more than half of the words were crossed-out because they found them meaningless, based on beliefs, or they thought we completely misunderstood them, misused them. The words included : marriage, love, spirituality, religion, soul, sexual energy, vows, forever, never….

I was told I had to forget everything I had been taught. I understood, and tried to erase the past, but I was careful to write down everything I heard from now on, so that I wouldn’t be left with nothing for even a minute, because then how would I account for my life, what I had done up to that point? After that I wrote the teachings for two years and “coded the signs” and then all of a sudden I got the message (again), to throw out everything I had put on paper, nothing could remain. At this point I was at the point where two of my drained credit cards were in the trash. For hours I stared at my book, clutching it as the only thing of value I could still show of myself, and then I destroyed that too. I didn’t know how to go on, I only knew that I had nothing and knew nothing. Then the floodgates of abundance opened, but on a completely different level. It happened several times after that, that when I started to feel safe in a situation in life, or I was sure that something was mine, it disappeared and I started again, but on a much higher level. I already know from experience that after letting go it always gets much much better, but my mind is still re-living the big death, with panic, fear , a sense of loss when the loss happens.
I find that almost without exception, this kind of attachment and distrust of the new is a barrier to moving on. They hold on to things that are outdated, obsolete, out of date, even if it means suffering, illness, being stuck, unable to let go. If their fate or “life” takes it away from them no matter how they hold on to it, it is traumatic to the extent that they not only cannot let the new in, but they lock themselves into a never-ending self-pity, self-destruction.

Experiencing real love and living at a certain level has now become a prerequisite for survival. The love I am referring to is not an emotion that comes and goes, nor is it even tied to a person or a condition. Love is a flow, a wisdom that does not tolerate mind-created distinctions. Mind and love cannot go together.

It is astonishing how great the difference can be, for example within a family, in favour of the child, as to who is experiencing real love. But there is also a huge difference between couples, when one wakes up and the other doesn’t.

At the moment, it is best to connect to the Supreme Being (who/which is different for everyone) and/or to our own Self. It is a quiet, loving, freeing path, free of rules and punishments. Here, we are managing our happiness on our own, in a direct, straightforward way, without helpers or mediators. Other people can only influence this intimate space by leading by example, by walking this path ahead of us.

All experience has shown that at a relatively high level of consciousness, the desire in the heart is very quickly realized when we are connected at the Supreme level and thus live in the Heart Space. It is by no means an emotional, sentimental state, but rather a quietened, opened, tuning into a high quality.

In the Heart Space, only desires that are absolutely in tune with our own individual fulfillment, our wholeness, can be born within us. So, by design, we do not want things that are not in alignment with our own life path, with what we were designed for before we were born. With this placement in the Heart, we get quick and spectacular help when, for example, a hurtful, destructive emotion arises. The bad feeling then disappears almost immediately, leaving behind a higher level of insight, understanding and deep calm. It’s very interesting to see that most of the time, we are our very own obstacles to letting go of the bad feeling and the bad life situation completely, because we like to hold on to pain, sadness, hopelessness, afraid to step into the unknown, the new.