Group retreats

Group retreats

My retreats don’t follow a strict schedule, because I can see from the composition of the group how deep we can go, or high we can soar… I want to get the most out of the group so you can have something to work on when you go home.
I’m constantly on the move, it seems that settling down is not for me and I don’t enjoy it either. Therefore, from now on, I want to share these spectrum-broadening, universe-spanning, dimension-travelling explorations with fellow travellers, so that we can grow into the new together.

If you want to move into a new phase of your life, or level up with your Guides, learn from them, heal, transform, this retreat is definitely for you. It will act as a catalyst.
During the retreat you can experience a broader spectrum of reality where you have the opportunity to tune into new energies and create a radically new world with a new perspective. The connection will give you a glimpse into this way of life and quality of life, your own fulfilled self, where you can elevate your own potential to the maximum: what you were created to do and what is essential for the paradigm shift that is about to occur. Once you get in touch with this knowledge, you have the opportunity to radically change your life. You can have a ruthless view into yourself, after which, most of the time, it is impossible to live in a web of lies, compromises and fears anymore. Your guides will help you to get in touch with your inner heart, the place where real change and healing happens, from where you can create an authentic, fulfilling life for yourself. From here, you can look at your life more easily, like watching a play from the auditorium, where you can recognize the hidden patterns, conditioning, wounds, conscious and subconscious programming that hold you back from being yourself, the person you were born to be, for wholeness and happiness. You can see the purpose and meaning of your life, why you are on this earth. Most importantly, you’ll be given all the tools and help you need to transform your life through the connections you make. You can learn how to connect to your Guides without me after the retreat.
In the group, the energies merge, so we become one Being with different abilities. Where someone has an individual obstruction or blind spot, perhaps the group can help to see it and provide a supportive medium to face it.

This retreat does not follow a strict schedule. If, for example, I see that someone needs a solo walk in order to help the group through an obstruction appearing in a space, I will send them on a meditative walk while others connect at the retreat. This will make all the things happen, that will move everyone forward.  It’s also malleable, because it follows your individual needs, to be able to bring the most out of yourself as part of a shared Being, with which, you are strengthening the group, all the while, your own anchoring is happening and your own baggage is being lightened.

After the retreat, the decision is in your hand whether to make what you have experienced a quality of life, or to just store it away as an experience and settle back into the ordinary. During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to practice a new way of doing things in case your mind keeps trying the old patterns again and again.

I give retreats every month in Portugal and in Hungary, if you are interested please ask about the dates and details.

Contact me: [email protected]