Private retreat

If you want to start a new phase of your life, learn about the new energy, heal, and transform, then a private retreat can act as a catalyst.

A private retreat consists of intensive, personal sessions during a couple of consecutive days. You choose the duration of your private retreat.

A private retreat allows for profound work on all issues that need attention at that time. With one-on-one sessions and individualised exercises, you will be working on yourself on a very deep level. On the first day, we define the intention and setting, i.e. what your retreat will be based on, what theme it will be structured around. What is your goal that you want to achieve.

If the expectations are unrealistic because they don’t fit with your life path, your current level of consciousness, the quality of your time, etc, then we first discuss the potential and possibilities of your current situation.

You find more information about what else the retreat and a session in general can do for in the “What is a session” section. 

Your retreat will be tailored according to your actual individual needs and progress in a way that works best for you.

The area of the western Algarve is perfect for enjoying and connecting with nature. We’ll visit several beaches, go for hikes, etc.  And if you want, you have time to plan your own activities outside the retreat hours.

Many things happen not only during a session or in mediation. Your healing process goes on 24 hours per day. All activities can/will play a role in your process.

No two retreats are ever the same.