The Session

I work directly with Source energy and establish your connection with your Higher Self. We ‘journey’ to where the real changes and healing happen.

During a session you receive support to heal traumas you have experienced, and to rewrite programs and conditionings that no longer serve you in order to live a fulfilled, happy life.

A thorough energetic cleansing, re-tuning and healing on all levels and in all energetic layers that exist in the energy bodies around your physical body take place.

From these energetic layers I remove all attached and/ or corded entities, people, energies, etc that no longer help or never helped you. These energy bodies may hold old patterns, conditionings, memories, vows, initiations promises, and even imprints from past lives that can now be a heavy burden for you that pull you back, block you and make you sick.

Goal of the sessions is that you can restart with a clean slate, a ‘new life’ in which you can begin to truly heal and regenerate after the long, long journey you have taken so far.

You can finally see the purpose and meaning of your life, why you are on this Earth. For many who find me, this is the beginning of getting back into their true calling, their mission which had been hidden before.

You will be able to see your own life ruthlessly, and then you will no longer be able to live in a web of lies, compromises and fears. You can gain an unshakable certainty about what you need to do to live a fulfilled life. If you fully agree to change, you will receive all the tools you need to transform your life with a very strong tailwind.

Often my clients work in helping professions. During the session they will learn the ‘how’ of helping, what it means to help or simply be with others in a way that is not at their expense.

Some requests you can’t get help with: such as interfering in the lives of non-present people without their permission, or information about them that does not affect you in any way, or a wish that goes against your own fulfillment, but I will indicate that.

Nothing is eternal in our lives except for the flow. Where the flow is blocked in our life, there is a need for change without compromise, bargaining or hiding.

All is energy. The like resonates with the like. This applies to our human relationships, our work situation, and where and how we live. With our evolution and constant change, it is easy to outgrow a situation. Also, a couple relationship is only alive as long as there is a flow of love towards the “us two together”. There must also be a flow of love and dedication connecting us to our vocation and everything we come into contact with.

In connecting, you discover the inner stillness of yourself, the sense of being held, but the ultimate goal is that you will be able to connect to the Supreme, or your Self, without my help. You will receive support to do this.