Group session

The Earth’s frequency is constantly rising. Everybody has the opportunity to rise to a 5th dimensional living from a 3rd dimensional one. To do this, the physical body and the nervous system must follow this process, otherwise the frequency difference could generate a series of physical, mental and emotional problems.

We start with an opening circle to make clear what is brought into the ‘common ground’ by each individual (sharing as much as you want). After that I attune the participants individually, and everyone can take in the energy on their own way, and deepen in it. It can be an active or silent meditation that does not disturbs others. For instance sitting meditation, painting, drawing, and writing – anything but better to discuss with me beforehand.

At the end of the 1,5-2 hours session we have a closing circle where we can put together, like a puzzle, what each of us received during the deepening (sharing as much as you want). Generally the message of the actual day comes to light through more people as all of us are sensitive in various fields, in different depths. We can learn a lot from each other. The given information is not always appraisable for the one who has sensed it so it is worth sharing. In the meantime questions can be put that might be interesting for others as well – although personal questions are better to be asked during private sessions.

It is the rule of the group that personal information should be kept within the group!

For those who have already participated at private sessions group sessions are recommended in any case for further development or keeping up to avoid fallbacks that go with unnecessary suffering as the soul has already tasted a life that can be lived well.