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For nearly 30 years I have studied, practiced, and then used various spiritual systems and worked as an energy healer, with healing abilities inherited from my father’s side. A few years ago I had to realize that a whole new world was being built on a whole new foundation, with new energies, new knowledge, far beyond any belief system by which we had been living. I had to let go of most of the knowledge I had accumulated, because it had become useless, and I jumped into the great unknown… An intense phase of intense inner transformation followed. During a 2,5 year retreat in Patagonia, a complete upgrade of my healing abilities occurred which has allowed me to support your transformation into the new energies. I welcome those who have also chosen the New, and wish to rewire themselves into it. 


what happens during a session?

I work directly with Source energy and establish your connection with your Higher Self.  We “journey” to where the real changes and healing happen.

In addition to your physical body, you have multiple energy bodies. From these layers I will remove any harmful entities, people, energies… that are no longer helpful or never were. These bodies also hold old patterns, conditioning, memories, vows, promises, conscious and subconscious programs that can now be a heavy burden, pulling you back, blocking you, making you sick. They also include imprints of past lives and wounds of the soul. 

In connecting with your Higher Self, you can experience the broader spectrum of reality that is essential for change, because only at a high level of consciousness can you really use your free will to make the choice about the quality of life you wish to live. 

You can receive information from the Source and ask questions. Together we will discuss what you are encouraged to do for your fulfillment, harmony and health.

Group meetings help you to stay level or to identify any patterns that have led you in the wrong
direction. During the intro talk, we evolve, new information is being shared. Energies merge, which
gives a unique vibe and boost to each participant. The core part of the session consists of individual clearings, healing, and tuning to the new energy. The connection to your Higher Self is being established.

Currently I live in Portugal where I mainly offer individual retreats. Feel free to approach me if you’d like to set up a group retreat with your friends, and/ or partner. The time and schedule of the retreat is personalized. It’s intense because we’re
together all the time, all the attention is on you. It acts as a catalyst in times of crisis, stagnation, turning points.

Individual sessions help you to realign you with your true purpose and meaning of your life. They help you heal old traumas rewrite programs and conditionings that no longer serve you, so you can live a fulfilled and happy life.

All sessions are equally effective, whether online or in person.