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I have studied, practiced and used various spiritual systems and worked as an energy healer for
almost 30 years, with a paternal inheritance of healing abilities. A few years ago I had to realize that a
whole new world was being built on a whole new foundation, with new energies, new knowledge, far
beyond any belief system we had been living by. I had to let go of most of the knowledge I had
gathered, because it had become useless, and I jumped into the great unknown… Now I am
connecting to the pure healing energy in my work, bringing messages from the Source, to the extent
of my own work and awakening. I connect people who come to me, directly with their true Self –
their higher-self – to a depth, I have already travelled with complete certainty and safety myself.


The Higher Self – “real Self”- is an independent, divine, immortal, continuously existing, unchanging,
absolute consciousness, our true nature, while the “false Self” is mistakenly identified with mind,
personality, body, thoughts, emotions, perceptions.



I connect with your Higher Self and I invite you there. You can experience that inner wholeness, that
place where real change and healing happens. From here you can see your life easier: like a play
from the auditorium. You can see yourself in an unrelenting way, after which, living in a web of lies,
compromises, fears, will make no sense.

I will highlight the hidden motives, conditionings, wounds, conscious and subconscious agendas that
hold you back from being yourself, the one who was born for wholeness and happiness. You can see
the purpose and meaning of your life, and why you are on this earth. Together we will talk through what
you are encouraged to do for your fulfillment, harmony, and health.

In addition to the physical body, we have several invisible bodies that need to be harmonized and healed
for wholeness, health, well-being, and prosperity, clearing them of the imprints of the past that are
obstacles to the new. During the connections, you will receive all the tools and help you need to
transform your life.

Group meetings help you to stay level or to catch the any patterns that lead you in the wrong
direction. In the course of the talks, we evolve, new information is shared. Energies merge, which
gives a unique vibe and boost to individual, at-home connections.

In Portugal, mainly individual retreats are offered, but groups organised with friends, your partner…
are also welcome. The time and schedule of the retreat is personalized. It’s intense because we’re
together all the time, all the attention is on you. It acts as a catalyst in times of crisis, stuckness,
turning points.

Individual connections are equally effective whether online or in person. It helps you to get rid of
traumas you have experienced, rewriting programs and conditionings that (no longer) help you to
live a fulfilled, happy life.