Below are the experiences of people who have joined one or more of my retreats:

I don’t know how Edina heals, what method she uses, and I don’t feel it’s important to understand, but I always felt much lighter and clearer after my sessions. It was as if I had found my own power, or rather found my way back to it. In this clear field of power, questions are answered, doubts are dissolved. I am very grateful to Edina for helping me to do this. This, of course, required total trust on my part. Thank you for everything!


“I first met Edina 7 months ago after one of her lectures. My years-long journey of self-discovery was given a new boost with her help that I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere, otherwise. With her help, I was able to see parts of myself and my blockages that I hadn’t been able to before. Through her, I have finally found a home within myself and a new family in the universe. And the weekly group sessions allowed me to become part of a safe, loving and supportive community. Through it, I have gained more of myself and more of the world.”


I’ve known Edina for many years and came into contact with her healing work when I was in my 40s and having a mental and physical breakdown with no traditional medical help. She helped me a lot in alleviating symptoms, made my condition bearable and supported me in self-healing.

I always contacted him when I felt it was time.

Over the years I have become more and more sophisticated in my perception of what was happening during our interactions, but I have not yet been able to explain and understand it with a logical mind. Rather, I have a kind of a beyond the mind intuitive feeling about his work, that I trust what is happening between us, even though I have always been skeptical about contacting different guides and entities.

Over the years, my internal work with him has become regular, which took a major turn in August 2021.

I was on Edina’s retreat in Portugal, where I spent three days walking in other dimensions, being flooded with past life experiences and impressions, while feeling surrounded by those who have always been with me and helping me, but not from the earthly dimensions. Their presence was so intense that I used my own arms, wrapped in them, to caress my face, my head, while tears fell from the immense love that surrounded me.

They worked on my psyche and body for three days, while a lot of suffering, pain and anguish was cleansed from me. I understood then much about my life on a level much deeper than the mind. Throughout the process I was aware of what was happening, but my mind was not present. I had complete trust in the process and surrendered to these other dimensional helpers, my higher self, God, a powerful energy that was working on me. I don’t really know what words to use to describe the process and the people involved because I don’t have the words…. the process was very intense, fateful and a milestone in my life.

Edina and the presence of the group was a huge support during the retreat. Edina held the space steadily throughout with great skill and kept the events in check so that everyone could move through the process safely. Her experience, stability, honesty and commitment have always impressed me. She puts her heart and soul into her work, she gives of herself naturally, she is easy to connect with because she treats everyone as partners, as we are all always learning from each other.

What I have found is that working with Edina gives each person an individual experience that is tailored to their own life situation, process and openness of being.

I recommend her with love,

This was the first real retreat of my life so I went into it without any preconceived notions or preconceptions. Maybe I was a little naive, “How much fun will we have” I thought. It was, but in a completely different way than I had imagined it at my desk at home….

After my arrival, when I was left alone, I had my doubts… “Oh my God! What have I got myself into?!! What am I doing here? Are you sure I’ve thought this through?! Do I really want to do all this?!”
But the next morning everything changed and I was on an amazing journey of spiritual change that I never thought possible.
Edina had been with me on the road since before I arrived…. when I was on my way there, when I was walking alone in the woods or connecting with others, doing exercises, walking on the ocean beach or watching the stars while lying in the sand. There was a tremendous sense of security in the power of holding, in the attention that she radiated, that she represented in every moment. On the path I have been on for some time, I can say that I have received the most from example, attention, acceptance, holding, keeping.

I now know what I have been looking for and where I am going on my journey, what I have been missing and what I want to achieve.

I know I’m on the right track and I’ve been in the right place with real support and help to achieve my goal. And most importantly, all the change I feel is seen and felt by those around me.
If I had to put in one sentence all the things that this retreat has been like, I would have a hard time…. (because I can’t even manage to express my feelings) … but maybe I would say this … It was the most defining, beautiful, moving, relaxing, opening 2 weeks of my life, unimaginable without Edina, and I will be forever grateful for what she gave me there.