Private session

I offer private sessions to help individuals release themselves from past and current trauma, as well as false conditioning they may have experienced. On the first meeting, you get tuned in and “scanned”, so we can see which areas of your life need to be changed. We map the way to get there, after which we can start working together. Three sessions are required for a complete alignment and a comprehensive clean up on all levels.

Each session we focus on a different area of your life, that needs change or (up)shift. You will experience a full immersion in the subject of your search, and a Q&A session. Then you receive some work for you to do at home. From the second session onward, we will discuss and process what has happened since the previous session. In almost every case, the third session is the turning point, where the major breakthrough occurs.  Finally, I will help you find a method of anchoring in this new direction, as well as learning how to protect yourself (with confidence) in the future.

How does a session work?

Whether the session is online or face to face, the client relaxes while we are together. You can even lay down, if that is more comfortable for you. We start with talking about your questions and goals, after which I initiate contact with your higher self. We then clean and clear part of your energetic fields. Communication remains possible while the cleaning and healing is taking place. Energy can be transmitted at any time, regardless the physical distance. Online session can be done via Skype, WhatsApp, or any other tool.

The price per session is €100 – €120 sliding scale – you choose what you want to pay. You can transfer the money, pay in cash, or use PayPall for the payment(s).

After the sessions

After the private sessions, you are basically ready to proceed from there on your own. However, it may be useful and can be a bit reassuring to have a new session after some time. During this session, we can reflect on what has happened in your life since and check if you are still fully on your path. This is to find out if, and if so where some readjustment is needed. This is what we do in a private realignment session.

Apart from these private sessions, I also offer retreats.  During a retreat, we can go much deeper into certain topics, using different techniques, and take our time for extensive healing where needed.