Private session


A connection with your Higher Self aligns you with your fulfilled self, from which place you can maximise your own high level of life quality. You can accomplish what you were created to do, which is essential for the paradigm shift that is now occurring.


We connect to your inner Heart Space, the place where real change and healing happens. Here we uncover hidden motives, conditionings, wounds, conscious and subconscious programming. You can see the purpose and meaning of your life, why you are on this Earth. In connecting within, you can experience a broader spectrum of reality, a higher level of consciousness, where you have the opportunity to tune into and learn about new higher vibrational energies and then create a radically new life experience with a new outlook onto the world. Only at a high level of consciousness can you have the free will to decide the quality of life you wish to live.

Most importantly, in the process of making contact with your Higher Self you will be given all the tools and help you need to transform your life, to learn how to connect to your Self, to the Supreme, to the Source, without my help.

Three private sessions are usually recommended in order to do the cleansing, re-tuning and healing on all levels and in all energetic layers.

It is then up to your own determination to remain at your new level with regular affirmations, intentions, practice, and from there continue the path out of the old conditioning into a broader view, without relative entanglements. Some themes will quickly settle into a new direction, while others may resurface again and again for years until the underlying driving motive fades.

During the first session, I will tune in with you and go through the areas of your life where change is recommended and discuss how you can make it happen. In the first two sessions, we will uncover deeply buried, obstructive programs, conditioning, and clear out harmful, unhealthy, regressive energies, entities, people. These need to be faced and then consciously released, making room for the New. You can ask questions about all areas of your life. The third encounter is usually the turning point, here you will enter into the new direction and the “how”.  You are prepared to continue settling into your new life without my help, unwinding old patterns. You will probably have something to work on, as it will then be impossible to live in a web of lies, compromises and fears from the past.


A connection lasts 2 hours during which you don’t have to actively do anything except for remaining ‘open’ while I work on you.
There is no difference in the effectiveness between online and in-person sessions.

Price per session: 100-130 euro (sliding scale)



Theme oriented connection

If you’ve already done basic sessions of connecting and have a problem you’d like to look deeper into to get a tailwind for a solution, then choose this short one-session instead of the 2 hours.

Duration: about 1 hour

Price: 50 euro