Group session

If you would like to transform yourself into the new energy and be together with others the group session is for you. I welcome those who have chosen the New, and wish to re-wire themselves into it.

Earth’s frequency is constantly rising. The physical body and the nervous system must follow this process, otherwise the difference in frequency could generate a series of physical, mental and emotional problems. It is essential to realize that you can choose to live on a higher level of reality.

During the group session I connect you directly to the Source energy. We “journey” to where the real change and healing happen.

We can work together on a specific topic which currently has priority in your life.

You can experience the broader spectrum of reality that is essential for change, because only at a high level of consciousness can you truly have the free will to make the choice about the quality of life you wish to experience.

In addition to your physical body, you have multiple energy bodies. From these layers I will remove any harmful entities, people, energie, etc that are no longer helpful or never were. These bodies also hold old patterns, conditioning, memories, vows, promises, conscious and subconscious programs, and even imprints of past lives, that can now be a heavy burden, pulling you back, blocking you, making you sick.

We start with an opening sharing circle to make clear what is brought into the ‘common space’ by each individual. Each person can share with the group in whatever depth they like about where they are currently standing, or not share anything at all if they want to be quiet and by themselves. These shares can usually also help others to see their own problems, solve them or let go. Questions can be asked that might be interesting for others as well – although personal questions are better to be asked during private sessions.

The individual attunements with me are taking place without physical contact, while the participants are settling into a comfortable lying or sitting position. Each person can deepen into the healing energy according to their own practice or preference: for example by sitting meditation, painting, drawing, writing.

After the attunements within this group setting, you’ll be given a message with the suggestions and insights of your Higher Self, from Source. Through that message you will learn about which areas of your life the healing energy is working on you/ with you, where you have drifted away from the direction you aim to go, or, if you are kind of lost without any direction at the moment, and need support to find the right direction.

The effects of the individual attunement are going to continue after the session.

You can join the group at any time you feel it is your time. You don’t need to be present all the time because this is not a course.