The Starseeds

20 or 30 years ago, there began a mass descent/landing of those who wanted to help, who were originally designed for another dimension, planet, plane of existence, and mostly lived there. They are the star-born/starchildren.

American movies have been churning out “Occupy Earth” UFO movies for decades, from which we have “learned” that extraterrestrials arrive in spaceships, take over the Earth and destroy us.

Yes, the aliens are here, and they have taken over the Earth, because the children being born now are all star-born.

Many of them are here to teach, to heal, to develop new technologies and systems, to try to save the Earth. They are racing against time, because many see from where they come from that it is too late, that our extinction will soon be irreversible. The majority of today’s children have come with the intention to reverse this process by joining forces on a massive scale.

Star-children are often challenged by their intrinsic values to adapt to the demands of life on Earth. But the pursuit of false values and life goals leads them into deep frustration and burnout. In such cases they may become groundless, life seems meaningless to them.

To them, this life on Earth they are caught up in, is destructive and alien. They feel that they have been thrown here and cannot identify with their surroundings. They feel alone, often lonely, because they are usually born with a higher quality, a higher level of consciousness than those they are forced to relate to.

After they are born, in most cases, they start to be dehumanized, what we used to call nurturing, assimilation. Gradually their knowledge from above begins to fade, they forget why they came to Earth. Lucky are those who are born into a “good” family.

There is also a huge difference between the star-born. Some come to help, as I have already written, but others come to understand that they must finally let go of their old patterns and continue to exist on a higher plane. Many will disagree with me, but this includes those who laid the foundations of Egyptian and some South American cultures on Earth at that time, or played a significant role in their heyday. They. and many other ‘races’ of similar qualities, are characterized by the exercise of power, the use of powerful sexual energy, healing energy and magical power, the control and manipulation of natural forces to a high degree of effectiveness. The amount of power is given, but the direction of it can only be used according to their spiritual and mental development, which accumulates a considerable karmic debt.

Compared to them, there is the other extreme, the very young star-born who have only recently begun to land on Earth, and for the most part, have never been here before. They have not come to learn lessons, but represent pure love, wisdom, a very high level of consciousness. They have no sexuality and the boundaries between the sexes blur. They have no trace of aggression, fear, hostility, hierarchical positioning, power games, intrusive ego-hood. They are “transparent” and radiate high vibrational pure energy. It is obvious from their appearance that they are not Earth beings. There is no trace of malice towards others, or of attributing their specialness to their own Self-ness. They have come to grow up to find each other with their fellows, and to create the New together.

Since I have been connecting people with their higher spirit guides or star family and receiving information about them on many levels, -previous and current life-, I have seen a huge fall off in many cases of star-born people who are now adults. They are born with a high level of consciousness, with outstanding qualities, perhaps talent, but then after a self-destructive life, they die alone, morally, emotionally, spiritually devastated, usually in poor circumstances. A great big opportunity with a great big failure. And then there are those who just go through life in a state of intense inner frustration. Accompanying symptoms may include: alcohol, drug abuse, sexless sex life, lack of purpose, lack of motivation, suicide or attempted suicide, sexual identity disorder, total alienation from the body… They fail to achieve anything worthwhile, even though deep down they feel that this is not what they came for.
In the case of children, it is important to separate the real problem from the image that exists only in the mind of the parent and the environment of what the child is supposed to be. Typical star child “problems” : the child scans someone all the time, “scans” them, and because they really see the person, they may give a strong signal that they are not willing to connect anymore, not even to say hello. Even if the person is a relative, a teacher, or someone with whom he or she needs to spend a long time. At the same time, they may also approach strangers in the street, hugging and kissing them. Embarrassing their parents, they will openly say what they think to strangers without being asked (with fantastic insight). They refuses to go to school because the curriculum is not interesting, cannot sit still, have problems with reading, writing and arithmetic. They hate being around too many people, too much noise. Or they are the one who make a lot of noise, scream and shout for seemingly no reason. They are picky about his food, say no to a lot of things, and eat irregularly, which they insist on (they are untrainable). Clothes sting, clothes are hot, clothes are cold and this is can change by the minute.

As hard as it is to accept, most of the time these fall into the “non-problems” category, but there are signs that really indicate that there is a problem, that help is needed. It is terribly difficult to know which one you are dealing with. No doubt it can be extremely difficult (!!!) exhausting to keep watching such a sensitive child, who is literally living in another world, and trying to figure out what he wants. However, there is also the other side of the coin, that they give us a high quality/energy that in most cases we may never have experienced before. Most of the time we simply don’t see them, while they very much see us. They may be more spiritually mature than their parents, often teaching us by their mere presence, but they are still children who need strong protection and boundary setting. Prussian upbringing or leaving everything to them can both destroy them, and there is no cookbook for their upbringing, they need so much individual treatment.

For star children, it is important to reassure them that they are different, that they see and perceive the world differently from the world around them, but this difference is their strength, their strength to draw on, their strength to fulfil, their strength to fulfil their life’s mission. Most of the time we will be the ones who are lost in the new energies, in which they feel at home. They are by nature not very well suited to the people and systems of the old world, so they need protection and support. I often think that they really don’t know what they are signing up for when they sign up for this Earth trip.

The star parent can be completely empathetic with the star child, can support them in taking Earth’s obstacles with relative ease, whereas the opposite is a horror.

These children are already born down to Earth with the knowledge that most of us have to work hard for. In their inner world, they live in a higher dimension that we ” seniors” can only aspire to.

If at least one parent already feels the “otherness” within themselves it is a good sign, but there are parent-child relationships where the degree of juxtaposition can be measured in light years because of a significantly different level of consciousness, not just generational.